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The Cleveland Cavaliers Have Hit Rock Bottom

February 7th, 2014 at 5:31 PM
By Pat Murphy

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You may have thought you've been there before with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but you were wrong. When you're a struggling sports franchise, especially in a league that plays 82 games, each outing can seem more painful from the last.

Rest assured, this week is as bad as it can get.

The week began with a 124-107 loss to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday. This loss did demonstrate some promise on the offensive end, but showed how truly terrible this team is defensively. They allowed the Mavericks to scored 94 points in the first three quarters.

The Cavaliers may have shown signs of life offensively, but their 79 points over the same period was not going to get the job done. Mike Brown was brought in to strengthen the defensive side of the ball, but that has failed. Not only has Brown not improved the defense, but the offense has struggled as well.

In Brown's system Kyrie Irving has struggled, with the worst shooting percentage of his career. Chad Ford of ESPN recently stated that Irving has told those close to him that he wants out of Cleveland and Irving stated that this season has been the most challenging of his career. If Irving is having thoughts about leaving, no matter the reason, that could be the worst news since The Decision.

On Wednesday, the Cavs had their worst loss since LeBron James departed.

There have been epic collapses by the Cavaliers and blowout losses, but nothing was as bad as what happened against the Los Angeles Lakers.

This isn't the Lakers teams of the past that dominated the NBA and made deep runs in the playoffs. This is a team that is near the bottom of the Western Conference and is playing with a squad made up of D-League players.

Los Angeles has battled injuries all season and came into the game without Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, or Steve Nash, leaving them with eight players. During the game, Steve Blake played with a ruptured ear drum, Nick Young and Jordan Farmar both left the game with injuries and Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre both fouled out.

Due to a little known NBA rule, Sacre was allowed to remain in the game, but every foul he committed was a personal foul, and team foul, and a technical foul. Cleveland still fell 119-108.

On Thursday, general manager Chris Grant, the man responsible for building this team, was fired.

From here, things can only go up. If the Cavaliers continue to lose, it will enhance their chances for a top draft pick in a solid class. This time around, Grant will not be there to try and make the bold pick and Cleveland can take the best player available.

If the team does begin winning, there is still a chance at a playoff spot. The team is only five and a half games out of the last slot.

Fans who have endured this for the last three and half years can take solace. This is as low as things can go; the only way to go is up.

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