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Talking 2014 Free Agency for the Cavaliers

December 23rd, 2013 at 9:34 PM
By Douglas Hochberg

There are some very notable free agents available at the end of this season, and while the Cavaliers may make the playoffs, it is going to take some big pick-ups to bring them past the first round. Over the next few weeks Cavaliers101 will publish a series of articles on some of the top choices. Today two under-the-radar picks to start the conversation.

There is one name at the top of the list, but for now let’s ignore the elephant in the room. Lebron James, King James, He Who Must Not Be Named can, and most likely will, have an entire article dedicated to this future later this year. For now, this article is going to focus on some other prospects.  'Evan Turner, Martell Webster' photo (c) 2013, Keith Allison - license: 

First up, is the Philadelphia 76ersEvan Turner.  Not the top pick for Cavaliers front office, but definitely should be taken seriously. Yes, it is finally time for E.T. to phone home. Okay Cavaliers101 knows Turner is from Chicago, but Ohioans know him best for a prolific Buckeye career. Turner underperformed his potential his first three seasons, but with a contract year approaching, E.T. is padding his stat line. Nineteen points, four assists, and six rebounds a game have brought his name into the fold. As a natural shooter with an innate ability to find the rim, Turner could be a perfect foil to draw some attention away from Kyrie Irving.

Indiana Pacer Danny Granger is one of those interesting possibilities. Never a top tier defensive or offensive player and battling injuries the past two seasons, watching a Pacers game with Granger is just different. He isn’t the elite player to instantly change a team, but at this point in his career, Granger has the possibility to provide the extra push that the Cavs will need. Most importantly for the Cavs, Grangers big body and long arms have been proven to give the Miami Heat troubles.  Any look into the future is going to take the Cavs on a path past the Heat and it is never too early to start building the team necessary to take on the NBA’s two-time reigning champions. His 3-point shooting abilities will also be a welcome addition to the Cavs. There isn’t much reason to think the Indiana will let Granger go, but if the situation arises the Cavs should take notice.

There are more players to come, but leave a comment below for who you want to see.

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