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Andrew Bynum’s Status Unkown; This May Be the Norm

November 1st, 2013 at 3:29 PM
By Pat Murphy

Andrew Bynum made a surprise appearance in the Cleveland Cavaliers' first game of the season, a win over the Brooklyn Nets.

The center played 7:34, scoring three points, with three rebounds, two assists, and two blocked shots.

After the game, Bynum said he felt good, that the defensive side of the ball easily came back to him, and he just needs to shake the rust off on the offensive end – he was 1-for-5 from the field.

This was good news to Cavalier fans, but it does not mean their prise offseason acquisition is back yet.

Cleveland has its first road game tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats and Mary Schmitt Boyer of reports that there has been no decision on Bynum's status for the game.

Head coach Mike Brown said during the shootaround that these are the type of precautionary measures they are planning to take with Bynum this season. He also said that this could continue throughout the beginning of the year and possibly beyond.

"At any time, if he experiences any discomfort or we think he's not moving as well as he should, I just won't activate him," Brown said. "So for me to make the commitment prior to that time period will be tough."

It should not shock Cavalier fans if this continues throughout the season. There may be periods of time where Bynum plays extended minutes in multiple games and looks good. There will likely be others where he is held to less minutes or does not play at all.

This is the give and take of Bynum. He missed the entire 2012-13 season with the Philadelphia 76ers due to knee injuries and the Cleveland staff said before the season that they would make sure they get him healthy first.

Bynum made the declaration that he would play for the Cavaliers this season and did just that on Wednesday, stepping on to the court in a game for the first time since May 21, 2012.

It may be frustrating for fans, who would like to know if the big man will play or have the team wait for him to be fully healthy, but it is probably for the best that the staff is handling things in this way.

They are allowing Bynum to get on the court and get back into the swing of things, while also making sure he stays healthy. If he is feeling good before the game, he will suit up. If he notices any issues with the knee, they will sit him in order to prevent a set back.

This way, when Bynum is 100%, he will already have experience playing with his teammates and have shaken off some of the rust.

It may be one of the smartest decisions in Cleveland in a while.

Photo credit: Erik Daniel Drost / / CC BY

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