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Cleveland Cavaliers Involved in Two New Trade Rumors

June 26th, 2013 at 7:39 PM
By Pat Murphy

The Cleveland Cavaliers continue to be involved in trade rumors heading into Thursday night's NBA Draft. There are two new rumors that have come out during the day involving the Cavaliers, and both have to do with tomorrow's draft.

'C.J. Miles Layup' photo (c) 2013, Erik Drost - license: The first is the Brooklyn Nets making an offer for C.J. Miles in exchange for the 22 pick. This was reported by the New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy who tweeted, "Source: Nets have talked to the Cavs about acquiring CJ Miles for the No. 22 pick," and then, "Miles is good friends and former teammat[e]s with Deron Williams."

Before coming to Cleveland last season, Miles played for the Utah Jazz, where he and Williams played together. In his first season as a Cavalier he averaged 11.2 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 1 assist per game, generally as Cleveland's sixth man. Miles was up and down throughout the season, but was usually able to provide a spark off the bench that would likely be missed if he were traded.

This offer gives the Cavaliers an interesting option. While you know what you get with Miles, the prospect of adding a second first-round pick for this year's draft is enticing. There is some debate about the talent at the top of the class, but there is no questioning that teams will find value with some of the later first-round picks.

Cleveland will have to evaluate what will likely be available at that point and decide if it would be worth swapping for Miles. They will not get a household name at that spot, but they could find potential value.

The second rumored trade is with the New Orleans Pelicans (yes, that still feels weird to type). This one would have the Cavaliers sending the first-overall pick to New Orleans in exchange for their sixth-overall selection, a 2014 first-round pick, and Greivis Vazquez.

This is an interesting trade from the Cleveland perspective. First, they would be able to get out of the number-one spot, something they are clearly attempting to do. There is no clear front runner for that pick and obviously no one that the Cavaliers feel they will get optimal value.

Second, it would keep them in the lottery and allow them to still get a high-value rookie. This says that Cleveland has a player in mind that they would like to draft, but they feel they can still get him a few picks down. Because there is no obvious number one, and the Cavaliers have several different holes they could fill with this pick, it is tough to say who this player might be, but it does make a statement about what they are thinking with their pick.

Third, they get another first-round pick next year, in what is expected to be a much more talented draft across the board. There is obviously no telling what players will declare for the draft a year in advance, but experts are usually able to get a good feel of who is going to jump to the pros and there should be many options for those drafting high. It is also likely, unless the Pelicans' new name marks a drastic turnaround, that this will be a lottery pick, which could be a valuable piece come the summer of 2014.

Finally, and perhaps the best part of the proposed deal, is that the Cavaliers would get Vazquez. The third-year player had his best season of his short career last year, averaging almost 14 points, nine assists, and over four rebounds per game. All of these numbers were a substantial jump over his career numbers previously, as he was arguably the most improved player in the NBA last season (though the award went to Paul George, Vazquez finished second in voting).

With his ability to play the one or the two spots on the court, the 6'6" guard would add much needed depth to the Cleveland roster and would also be a talented piece that would likely fit in with what the Cavaliers like to do.

The problem with this trade is it is unlikely New Orleans would be interested. They have already been trying to trade their pick away, so they likely would not want to move up and be in the same situation as Cleveland There is the possibility that the Pelicans have their eye on someone they believe will not be there at the sixth pick, but there has been no indication of that so far.

As of now, like most things this time of year, both of these trades are still rumors. Check back to Cavaliers 101 to see if anything breaks on these or any other trades as we head into the NBA Draft tomorrow night.

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