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Kyrie Irving Denies Reports of Being Unhappy; Wants to Win Championship with Cleveland Cavaliers

After reports had circulated less than 24 hours ago that he was unhappy with the team and would prefer to play elsewhere, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving said that he doesn't want to leave and prefers to win a championship with the team that he's played his entire career with.

Cleveland Cavaliers Lose Game but May Have Lost More than That

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The Cleveland Cavaliers lost by 22 to the Los Angeles Clippers, but may have lost an important piece of their team. Kyrie Irving left the game in the first quarter and is scheudled for an MRI on his bicep Monday in Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers Suprise Oklahoma City Thunder with Huge Fourth Quarter

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After winning six in a row, the Cleveland Cavaliers had dropped three straight and faced a tough task in ending that streak against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Cavs responded with a big fourth quarter to steal a 114-104 win on the road.

A Little Something Every Cleveland Cavalier Fan Feels but Doesn’t Know How to Express

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This is something from Bill Simmons' Mail Bag from earlier today. It speaks to what Cleveland Cavalier fans feel, but may not be able to express.

Cleveland Cavaliers May Have Found New Front Court Duo

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The Cleveland Cavaliers may have lost on Tuesday night, but they may have discovered a combination that could be used in the future. Tyler Zeller and Spencer Hawes played together late in the game and showed that this may be a combo to use going forward.

DeMar DeRozan Leads Toronto Raptors to 99-93 Win Over the Cleveland Cavaliers

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The depleted Cleveland Cavaliers fought hard against the hot Toronto Raptors but came up short, falling 99-93. DeMar DeRozan had a big night, scoring 33 points and commiting no turnovers.

Weekend Recap: Cleveland Cavaliers Drop Two to End Win Streak

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The Cleveland Cavaliers had won six games in a row to start to turn things around, but dropped both games over the weekend. On Friday they dropped an ugly game to the Toronto Raptors before losing at home against the Washington Wizards on Sunday.

Cleveland Cavaliers Acquire Spencer Hawes from Philadelphia 76ers

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The Cleveland Cavaliers announced today they acquired center Spencer Hawes from the Philadelphia 76ers. They send Earl Clark and Henry Sims to Philadelphia along with two second round draft picks.

Cleveland Cavaliers Return from Layoff with 114-85 Win Over the Philadelphia 76ers

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The All-Star break didn't slow the Cleveland Cavaliers down as they dominated their first opponent following the layoff. They beat the Philadelphia 76ers 114-85 in a solid all-around performance.

The Best Part of All-Star Weekend for the Cleveland Cavaliers Is Not What You Think

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Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters had big individual nights over the NBA's All-Star weekend, but the biggest news may be that they are attempting to work together for team success. The two teammates have had issues this season, but they may be trying to put the past behind them to win games for Cleveland.