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How Can Cleveland Browns Avoid Deja Vu Against Baltimore Ravens?

September 11th, 2013 at 9:03 AM
By Jeff D. Gorman

The Cleveland Browns are staying upbeat, at least outwardly, after their Week 1 loss to the Miami Dolphins, but Browns fans must to be worried about Week 2 in Baltimore against the Ravens.

The Super Bowl champions will be playing their home opener and coming off an embarrassing 49-27 loss to the Denver Broncos on national television.

You don’t need a wild imagination to picture the Ravens’ front seven repeating the Dolphins’ act, blowing up the Browns’ offensive line, hassling Brandon Weeden and forcing him into mistakes.

So how can the Browns avoid a case of Week 2 déjà vu?

Trent Richardson is the answer. He only ran the ball for 47 yards and was not involved in the offense much in the second half.

Richardson is a rare talent at running back, and the Browns need to use him early and late, whether they are leading or trailing.

If the Browns fall behind, they need to stay committed to Richardson, not just in every quarter, but on every drive. Advertising to the world that they are passing on every down didn’t work against the Dolphins, and it won’t work against the Ravens.

Brandon Weeden threw the ball 53 times against the Dolphins and was sacked six times. That’s almost 60 pass plays. If Weeden only has to throw 40 times or less against the Ravens, the Browns might just have a chance.

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