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Should Deshaun Watson try to avoid the Browns?

Thirteen years ago, quarterback Eli Manning successfully avoided playing in San Diego, thanks to a campaign launched and sustained by his father, Archie.

Browns sign linebacker Jamie Collins to 4-year contract

CLEVELAND (AP) The Cleveland Browns have signed linebacker Jamie Collins to a four-year contract. Financial terms were not immediately known.

Cleveland Browns sign Jamie Collins to four-year, $50 million deal

The Browns paid a lot to get Jamie Collins. Now they will be paying to keep him, after they signed him to a 4 year deal that could be worth $50 million.

Browns finalize four-year deal for Jamie Collins

The Browns announced on Monday that they have signed linebacker Jamie Collins to a new four-year contract. A CBS Sports report last week said the sides were close on a four-year deal.

Report: Browns could join 49ers in pursuit of Cousins

It's looking like the Washington Redksins are going to have some stiff competition to keep Kirk Cousins, if that's what they intend on doing.However, that isn't a given according to a report by J

Joe Thomas wants to see Patriots stick it to Goodell

At least one NFL player is rooting for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI for one specific reason.Cleveland Browns offensive lineman Joe Thomas wants to see the Patriots win just to get the visu

Johnny Manziel offers advice to Donald Trump, of course

Welcome to 2017. The President of the United States just got some advice on how to handle the pressure of social media from an unlikely source — former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Joe Thomas is rooting for the Patriots, for one specific reason

The Browns have never been to the Super Bowl, and they probably won't be during the remaining time tackle Joe Thomas has with the team. Thus, his interest in the NFL's annual championship game will come from other factors.

Julio Jones creates nightmare for man who advised against trade

As the Patriots prepare to face the Falcons in the Super Bowl, New England coach Bill Belichick will have to come up with a game plan rivaling some of his best work, including Super Bowl XXXVI against the Rams and Super Bowl XXV against the Bills.

The Browns oddly had more bets placed to win Super Bowl than the Falcons

The Cleveland Browns had more bets placed on them going to the Super Bowl than the Atlanta Falcons. The Browns fanbase is something serious.