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Rob Manfred to Succeed Bud Selig as MLB Commissioner

August 15th, 2014 at 2:36 PM
By Cody Dalga

In an unanimous 30-0 vote vote on Thursday, Rob Manfred was elected as the successor to current Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

"I'm tremendously honored by the confidence the owners showed in me," Manfred said following the vote. "I have very big shoes to fill. Selig has been a friend and mentor for me the entire 25 years I've been in the game. There is no question that I would not be standing here today if it were not for Bud. And I hope I will perform in a way that adds to his great legacy."

It took a little over five hours of deliberation to decide that the current chief operating officer would take over Selig's job of 22 years effective January 25th of next year.

"We've had quite an interesting day, a lengthy day," Selig said. "We had a significant number of votes, but in the end the vote was unanimous, 30-0. The process is complete."

Throughout Selig's tenure, the game of baseball has undergone tremendous change including the creation of instant replay, the harshest and most complete drug-testing program, and a much needed and improved competitive balance. Manfred has been in line to be the new commissioner since he was promoted to his current position in September of 2013.

"In the end, Rob Manfred was elected because of his dynamic leadership, his passion for the game, his ability to lead the staff in New York, which he has done, and his overall ability to deal with labor issues and really all aspects of the game," said Cardinals Chairman Bill DeWitt Jr., who headed the seven-man search committee. "When we put together the requirements for the next Commissioner, he really checked all the boxes."

Selig himself was happy with the decision to appoint Manfred.

"There were differences of opinion, but in the end we came together and did what we always do. And that's what the majority wanted. It's been a great day for baseball and I'm very pleased," he said.

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