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Todd Frazier Reaches Home Run Derby Finals, Falls to Defending Champion

July 15th, 2014 at 9:28 PM
By Cody Dalga

No one expected to see much from Todd Frazier in Monday's Major League Baseball Home Run Derby. Players like Giancarlo Stanton, Yasiel Puig, and defending Home Run Derby champion Yoenis Cespedes continued to be the talk of the night, but Frazier somehow managed to find himself going one-on-one with the defending champion for a chance at the title. 

Although he eventually lost by eight homers, Frazier still had a memorable night. His brother Charlie was able to live the wild ride with him as he was chosen by Todd as his pitcher for the evening. 

"That was the best part, because they were both cheering me on and they want the best for me every time," Frazier said following his runner-up performance. "To be the National League guy for Cincinnati, at least I bring that back home, at least I'm the defending National League champ. I can put that on my resume."

A rain delay pushed back the start of the derby, but the third baseman still led off the competition hitting just two home runs. While he looked out early, Puig went homer-less. The Rockies Justin Morneau hit two to tie Frazier and go against him in a hit-off where Frazier advanced by hitting a single home run. In the second round, Frazier teed off for six bombs while the Rockies Troy Tulowitzki recorded just two. 
Stanton, who received a bye when he hit six in the first round, went one-on-one with Frazier in round three where Frazier again advanced with just one home run. On the American League side, Cespedes destroyed the competition to meet the New Jersey-native in the finals. 
The Finals went to Cespedes in a landslide but Frazier put his name on the map. 
"Too bad he didn't win, but I think he put himself on the map a little bit and showed his stuff. He made us proud," Charlie Frazier said following the Derby. 

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