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Bengals should consider transition tag for Dre Kirkpatrick

The transition tag would allow the Bengals a chance to match any offer Kirkpatrick receives in free agency.

Bengals among NFL’s most efficient free agency spenders

The not-so-flashy signings in Cincinnati have been a staple of the Bengals' organization during the past half-decade, and more often than not, the signings have paid off.

Taco Charlton scouting report: banking on hope

He may look the part, but does Charlton bring enough to the table as a complete player to warrant a top 10 selection in the NFL Draft?

Dre Kirkpatrick best in NFL against go routes

Pro Football Focus released its list of the best corners against various routes, and Kirkpatrick allowed a QB rating of 0.0 against go routes.

Cedric Benson busted for drunk driving again, says doesn’t know ABCs

Cedric Benson played nearly a decade in the NFL, and now says it has impaired his ability to drive. Or spell.

Andrew Whitworth talking to Bengals about return

The Bengals drafted two tackles in the first two rounds of the 2015 draft, which likely left many people with the feeling that Andrew Whitworth's time as the team's left tackle was close to its expiration date.

Bengals Bytes (2/19): Back to the dance

What the Bengals can do to get back into the playoffs. The Ravens want play makers, and they don't care how big they are.

Comparing Bengals’ first and second round draft picks

Have the Bengals' second round picks been better than the team's first rounders? It's a fair question to ask as Cincinnati has often drafted well in the second round and taken (too much) time to...

Deep cornerback free agent market could impact Dre Kirkpatrick

Pro Football Focus ranks six cornerbacks ahead of Kirkpatrick on its list of the best free agent cornerbacks set to hit the open market.