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How to Survive a Rain Delay

August 20th, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Tim Duxbury

The Chicago Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants 2-0 in five innings last night thanks to a four hour, 34 minute rain delay. Rain delays are the absolute worst part of baseball for everyone involved, no ifs, ands or buts about it. The fans hate it because they get wet and can’t watch the game they came to see; players hate it because they have to sit and wait out the delay and then warm up again when play resumes; and management hates it because they lose money.

Since rain delays can last a while, last night being a perfect example, players have devised a number of ways to keep themselves entertained. Here is a list of the top five ways to pass the time during a rain delay.

1. Start a Band

The Boston Red Sox bullpen made it on ESPN on a regular starting basis back in 2007 for their bullpen band. During rain delays, long innings, or whenever they got bored, the Sox pitchers would bust out water bottles, tarp spikes and whatever else they could find to entertain themselves. Watch HERE.

2. Go Hunting

Back in 2012 the Cal State Santa Barbara baseball team captured on film one of the most epic deer hunting games of all time. In order to do this you need a “sniper”, almost exclusively made from a coach’s fungo (scope optional), a spotter (with binoculars) and, of course, some deer. Watch HERE.

3. Be on the lookout for Tarp Monsters

High school and college players probably have first hand experience of fighting Tarp Monsters where as big leaguers usually just watch the grounds crew do battle with them, but nonetheless, Tarp Monsters are a big part of rain delays. You need strong winds for Tarp Monsters to develop but when they do, look out!! Watch HERE.

4. Dance Off

When the teams are pulled off the field and tarp is put on, the press box usually turns on some music to help pass the time. And since rain delays only happen when all the players are extra giddy (note: there has never been a rain delay when everyone was tired and didn't want to play), sometimes they best way to work off that extra energy is to bust a move. CSU and Nebraska had an epic dance off during a rain delay back in 2012 with great choreography and creativity. Definitely a must see video. Watch HERE.

5. Pranking Teammates

Pranking your teammates can come in all forms and sizes. Some of the classics are bubble gum on the head, mud butt and eye black in the hat. Sometimes, however, teams can get more creative, like when the Boston Red Sox used athletic tape to tie Pedro Martinez to one of the poles in the Dugout (Watch HERE). There is also an endless list of “bullpen games” such as black magic, the hat game and the travel game that only pitchers know the rules to. Pranking teammates can be hours of fun (or even weeks of fun in Jeff Francoeur’s case).

6. Tarp Sliding

How could we make a list of rain delay activities and not mention tarp sliding?! Tarp sliding is one of the best activities ever, never mind during a rain delay. Managers hate it because it’s a great way to get yourself injured, but would you trade a few days on the DL for a couple of epic tarp slides? I know I would! Watch HERE.


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