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Baez Promotion in the Near Future

July 31st, 2014 at 6:00 AM
By Tim Duxbury

My first night game at Wrigley from Flickr via Wylio? 2010 Dave Herholz, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

The next piece of the Chicago Cubs future is getting closer and closer to making an appearance at Wrigley Field. Javier Baez is coming. Despite falling to number two in the Cubs’ farm system (Kris Bryant is now number one), according to Baseball America, Baez is poised for a September call-up. Baez has been through the ringer with the Iowa Cubs this year, experiencing one of the worst slumps of his career during the first two months of the season. But Baez has bounced back tremendously in the second half and is now hitting .254 with 24 doubles and 20 home runs.

Javy hasn’t been as successful, statistically, as he was last season but it is often the summers when you don’t play well that you learn the most. Baez will be with the Cubs full-time in 2015 and the biggest reason for that is that he learned the most important lesson a hitter can learn: how to bounce back from a slump.  When you are in a slump it feels like the walls are closing in around you; you feel uncomfortable in your stance, in your movements, in everything. And having high expectations placed upon you only makes it worse. Now imagine being in that situation for more than two months. That is what Javier Baez has been though. That is what Javier Baez has overcome.

The Cubs would love for Baez to cut down on his strike outs, they would love for him to steal bases more efficiently, they would love for him to hit for a higher average, but at the end of the day this kid has proven, through his journey this season, that he is major league ready. He has shown that he has the mental toughness to survive a major league season, everything else will fall into place.

So brace yourselves for the arrival of Javier Baez; 30 days.

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