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Wrigley Field Renovations Still in Limbo

July 14th, 2014 at 6:00 AM
By Tim Duxbury

Wrigley Field from Flickr via Wylio? 2005 Konstantin Papushin, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

It was one year ago, in July of 2013, that the Chicago Cubs first proposed their plans to renovate Wrigley Field. But it has been a tumultuous road since then with numerous legal issues posing as roadblocks to the project. On Thursday the Cubs received approval from the Commission on Chicago Landmarks; however, according to Patrick Mooney, there is still no timeline for the groundbreaking (due mostly to continuing legal issues surrounding the rooftops).

Cubs fans everywhere were excited about the renovation plans and have become even more excited with every update, but this is taking too long. It should not be this difficult. So, for everyone involved in the holdup of the Wrigley Field renovation, here is what has happened in the world since you decided to stick it to Cubs fans everywhere.


1.    Cubs opened new facility in the Dominican Republic


2.    Cubs opened new Spring Training facility in Mesa, Arizona


3.    Croatia became the 28th member of the European Union


4.    St. Louis Cardinals opened “Ballpark Village” (cost: $650 million)


5.    The Harlem Shake went from: what’s that -> oh my God this is awesome -> oh my God this thing is everywhere -> the Harlem what?


6.    McDonald’s opened two restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


7.    Pakistan held its first public elections ever


8.    LeBron James went back to Cleveland


I mean, seriously, if we can open a McDonald’s in Vietnam and LeBron James can go back to Cleveland (willingly), then there is absolutely no reason for the delays holding up the Wrigley Field renovations.

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