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Is Jeff Samardzija Hurting His Trade Value?

July 4th, 2014 at 6:00 AM
By Tim Duxbury

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The Chicago Cubs are going to trade Jeff Samardzija in the next four weeks, that is a fact. What is still up for debate is how much they are going to get for him. A month ago Samardzija was pitching like the best pitcher in baseball but a rough month in June may have lowed his value. Jeff Samardzija wasn’t terrible in June overall, it’s just his numbers that are turning teams away and lowing their offers. He still showed flashes of brilliance with good control, great velocity and impressive movement on his pitches but his mistakes absolutely killed him. Samardzija finished the month of June with an ERA of 5.73 and a record of 1-3; not good for the ace of a team that finished the month above .500. However, on the year Samardzija’s ERA is still a respectable 2.83.  


The biggest question that opposing general managers are facing right now is, can Samardzija win? He may be a great pitcher but a guy who can’t win won’t help a team trying to make a playoff push. This year Samardzija is just 2-7 and he has a career record of 31-42. He has never posted a winning record as a starting pitcher.


It will be interesting to see what Samardzija’s value is four weeks from now, as the Cubs will most likely hang on to him until the last minute. Will he bring back the two or three top prospects that Theo Epstein is hoping for? Or will he slip into the category of other “second tier” pitchers and bring back a lesser package? Jeff Samardzija’s next four starts will be crucial in determining just how much other teams are willing to pay for his services. Yet another reason to hope for a good month from the Cubbies.


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