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Diamond in the Rough: Cubs’ 41st Rounder Takes the Mound

June 28th, 2014 at 4:00 PM
By Tim Duxbury

Cubs x Brewers from Flickr via Wylio? 2008 Sergio Goncalves, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

The MLB draft is stacked against late round picks because of the money that is invested into the early rounds (particularly the first round). The slot bonuses for every single player taken in the first ten rounds is over $100,000, so its no wonder that teams give these kids absolutely every effort to succeed over the lower round picks. But in America we love the underdog. We love the kid who came from nothing, wasn’t supposed to be any good but made it anyway. Today, that story is on display at Wrigley Field. Dallas Beeler, the Chicago Cubs 41st round pick in the 2010 draft, took the mound today in Game one of a double header at Wrigley Field. Manager Rick Renteria has already stated that Beeler will be optioned back to AAA Iowa after the game, “even if comes out and throws a no-hitter,” but chances are that Cubs fans could see Beeler back in the big leagues later in the season. So in honor of Beeler beating his 7% odds of making it to the big leagues, per Bleacher Report, here is a list of other long shots who have made it to the show.


1. Albert Pujols, 13th round in 1999 by the St. Louis Cardinals, 2001 ROY, 3-time MVP, 9-time all-star, 508 career home runs


2. Jose Bautista, 20th round in 2000 by the Pittsburgh Pirates, 4-time all-star, AL home run leader 2010 (54) & 2011 (43)


3. John Smoltz, 22nd round in 1985 by the Detroit Tigers, 8-time all-star, 1996 Cy Young award winner, 213 career Wins & 154 career Saves


4. Roy Oswalt, 23rd round in 1996 by the Houston Astros, 3-time all-star, 163 career wins, 2nd on Astros all-time Wins (143) & strike out list (1593)


5. Mark Buehrle, 38th round in 1998 by the Chicago White Sox, 4-time all-star & gold glove winner, 196 career Wins, 6th on White Sox all-time Wins list (161)


6. Mike Piazza, 62nd round in 1988 by the Los Angeles Dodgers. 12-time all-star, 1993 ROY, 427 career home runs.


7. Daniel Nava, undrafted, Signed by the Boston Red Sox in 2008, hit .303 with 12 HR in 2012


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