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When Will Kris Bryant Be Called Up?

June 9th, 2014 at 6:00 AM
By Tim Duxbury

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Chicago Cubs prospect Kris Bryant is having an incredible year at AA Tennessee. He’s playing so well (and given the Cubs current situation at 3rd base) that many are wondering when we could see him manning the hot corner at Wrigley. So far this season Bryant is hitting a monstrous .353 with 19 homers. But his more impressive numbers may be his on base percentage (.460) and his slugging percentage (.700). Through 57 games, Bryant is putting up the kind of numbers that you only see in videogames and he shows no signs of slowing up. But don’t expect to see him in Chicago this summer.

The Cubs have very clear plans for when they plan to contend for a title and the full court press doesn’t start until 2016. That being said, and given Bryant’s age (22), we will most likely have to wait until September, at the earliest. It’s very logical to think that Kris Bryant will follow the trajectory of many former top prospects (such as Ryan Howard, Mike Trout and Wil Myers) in his ascension to the big leagues, which is as follows: a brief appearance in September to get a sense for the major league game, which is faster than the minor league game. The September call-up is a way for prospects to get their feet wet in low-pressure situations. Then, assuming he performs well next season at AAA Iowa, Bryant will be called up in June after the Super-two cut-off date. Calling Bryant up in June allows for the Cubs to gain an extra year of control over him and delay his arbitration eligibility one year. Also, Bringing him up in June is another way to ease him in to the big league spotlight. The hope in all of this is that by the time opening day 2016 rolls around, Bryant has worked out all the kinks and is ready to be a major contributor in the middle of the Cubs lineup.

The urge to bring Bryant to Chicago is unbearable for everyone involved because he would improve the team significantly, no doubt. But there is no point in rushing him and putting him in a situation that he may not be ready for. It would be nice for the Cubs to stink less this year, but it’s worth stinking it up now so that they can dominate later.

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