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Spring Training Miscellany: More Heyward BP, Two Kawasakis, Mic’d-Up Coaches, More

Lots more going on at Cubs camp today. Let's take a look.

Chicago Cubs: Kyle Schwarber poised to be leadoff man in 2017

The Chicago Cubs have been searching for a leadoff hitter. Today, Joe Maddon announced that Kyle Schwarber will be the Cubs primary leadoff hitter.

Chicago Cubs: proposed rule changes could begin to ruin the sport

If you recall fondly of 2016, one of the many great talents of the Chicago Cubs was their patience. Proposed rule changes could punish teams like the Cubs.

BIF: A Reminder of the Craziness That Can Happen During Intentional Walks

Walk-off home runs, straight steals of third ... anything can happen on an intentional walk!

MLB Pipeline Reveals Cubs Top 30 Prospects for 2017

You know the guys at the very top, but what's most interesting is the volume of pitching.

How the Cubs Subtly Reinvent Pitchers Like Brett Anderson, Eddie Butler, Alec Mills, and Casey Kelly

The Cubs are lacking upper-level pitching depth, but they've got the right guys in place to find some hidden gems.

Chicago Cubs: Reasons to extend Arrieta, and reasons to let him walk

With Jake Arrieta entering a contract year, the Chicago Cubs will have to choose whether or not to extend the veteran right-hander.

Watch: Cubs First Base Coach Brandon Hyde ‘Mic’d Up’ During Spring Training Drills

Sure, I spend a lot of time over at Sloan Park trying to get good photos and videos to share with yo

Maddon Confirms Plans to Bat Kyle Schwarber Leadoff

Speaking from Sloan Park Thursday, Joe Maddon reiterated his plan to have Kyle Schwarber in the top

Slammin’ (the Door on) Sammy: Sounds Like Sosa is Persona Non Grata Once and for All

Despite saying in a recent interview he'd absolutely return to Wrigley if invited, Sammy Sosa may ha