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Derrick Rose Sits Out Team USA Practices, Unlikely to Start in Exhibition

August 19th, 2014 at 4:34 PM
By Christopher Terzic

In today’s addition of apprehensiveness and sensitivity regarding Derrick Rose’s health, Rose has sat out two consecutive Team USA practices at West Point Academy for planned rest given to the Chicago point guard. As writer John Schuhmann reports – if Rose felt there were a need to take time off, practices in August are a good time for that.

Team USA plays the Dominican Republic National Team tomorrow night at Madison Square Garden in New York, and Rose may not be in the starting lineup of that game if the Team USA abides by protocol of a player not being able to start after missing the last practice prior to a game. The game against the Dominican Republic is only an exhibition, so effectively meaningless to Rose – who is all but certain to make the final cut.

As a few media outlets are reporting, Rose missing out on practice is less aberration and more a blip on the radar. But as with anything pertaining to Rose’s health: Chicago never feels completely at ease. Which to say, is certainly understandable.

But look, the segment of people alarmed by Rose missing time in accordance with an earlier report from Coach Mike Krzyzewski going on record of saying Rose will be playing with “no restrictions” is where the friction lies. Of course there’s going to be restrictions, and newsflash: the entire team has restrictions, this isn’t unilaterally specific to Rose.

Yahoo: Does Rose have any restrictions?

Krzyzewski: "No. No. None at all. Again, he hasn't played against this competition [in a while]. We have to watch that. But no. He says he's ready to go. I haven't seen him play. These next few days I will see the new guys, see Derrick. We put in part of our foundation for this system, but we have to give them the opportunity to play. The Select Team gives us an opportunity to compete and play more than just practice against each other."

UPDATE: Now, it’s being confirmed by national Bulls beat reporter Nick Friedell that Chris Sheridan’s report of Rose’s knees being sore is true. Will keep the story updated, be sure to check back for more updates as this story is ongoing. But as a gentle reminder, a player coming off knee surgery and claiming to have knee soreness is not uncommon in the slightest. Also, if we're going to get caught in the whirlwind of the Derrick Rose PR team cycle, let's hope you have some sense of what that's been like in the past (hint: not cohesive).

UPDATE 2: Tim Casey of the Chicago Tribune cleared up some of the dust and confusion regarding Rose's knees. Quotes from Rose state, "There's nothing wrong with rest, it ain't like it's the season. I'm not worried about it."

Another important takeaway from Casey's story is USA assistant coach and Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau pointing out how little game-action Rose has seen since his meniscus tear in November. That might seem obvious, but when Rose trains he elects not to scrimmage and rather drills and focuses on skill-training. Rose's body will take different in-game conditioning, which is viewed as the biggest benefit of Rose's participation for Team USA from the perspective of the Chicago Bulls.

Also, Aggery Sam of is reporting a source saying that there's a likelihood Rose might still withdraw from Team USA altogether. This is worth keeping an eye on, but nothing more is known at the time.

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