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Day Three of Team USA Camp: Derrick Rose Continues to Excel

July 30th, 2014 at 5:59 PM
By Christopher Terzic

We’ve already covered why Derrick Rose playing for Team USA is a minimal risk, with fruitful reward. But today, after Rose had another terrific day at Team USA camp the approval and glowing reviews of his play is coming by the bundle. Chicago Bulls GM Gar Forman was on-hand in Las Vegas, presumably to show figurative support of Rose, but he also told media how pleased he and the organization is with Derrick.

Yesterday, Team USA assistant coach Jim Boeheim called Rose, “the most impressive guy” in camp. Head coach Mike Krzyzewski praised Rose’s defensive intensity he’s brought to practices and drills. And today during the scrimmage, backing Krzyzewski’s assessment, Rose blocked a DeMar DeRozan jump shot followed by blocking a Stephen Curry layup on consecutive possessions.




Rose looks great, no one can tell you much different. However, some may question whether it’s a bit of an overreaction or futile to delineate takeaways from scrimmages, drills, practices. Well, the fact of the matter is this: when the FIBA Basketball World Cup is underway Team USA won’t face competition in its group that’s near what a Team USA scrimmage can offer. Not even close.

These scrimmages that are going on right now probably offer a more precise gauge of where a player is at both athletically and competitively than the entirety of group play can offer. Team USA scrimmages are historically notorious for being a sight to behold because they’re essentially an All-Star game with the effort being tenfold, this year being no exception.

So Rose’s play will continue to make news; even after a day where he struggles because another underlying subplot is that Rose is still just trying to make the team. With Damian Lillard, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, and Curry being the other four point guards invited to camp, Rose’s roster spot all things considered was no guarantee.

But with all the praise and compliments Rose has been receiving, the surest buttress came from Forman and the organization. Endorsing Rose’s decision to participate in camp with Team USA dispels any waning confidence the Bulls may have had in Rose’s health prior to the camp. Behind closed doors, the front office may secretly disapprove of Rose playing for Team USA, which would be completely justifiable considering Rose how much time Rose has missed and his paycheck coming from the Chicago Bulls and not Team USA.  

And that’s why the public approval from Forman holds value as opposed to another GM or organization encouraging their player to well-represent the team on a world stage or gain exposure for the player himself. The Bulls don’t need a whole lot of help gaining visibility on global scale, and the same holds true for Rose himself. So for the Bulls to stand behind Rose assuredly, the city of Chicago should feel reassured in Derrick’s health. 

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