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Derrick Rose Looks Like Derrick Rose at Team USA Camp, This Shouldn’t Surprise You

July 28th, 2014 at 8:22 PM
By Christopher Terzic

A misconception with Derrick Rose’s brief ten game stint last season with the Bulls before most unfortunately falling victim to yet another season-ending injury is that he didn’t look in top form, physically. Somehow the commentary for Rose’s play being sub-par was because his body failed him or wasn’t as sharp prior to injury became the explanation as to why he struggled.  

Thus, the over-analyzation after Rose’s second knee injury brought us to the conclusion that his knee wasn’t the same. That he was Penny Hardaway 2.0 or a prematurely lost natural talent like Pete Maravich – that Rose’s best days were behind him.

Well, Rose was invited to try out for Team USA’s in Las Vegas and during scrimmages and drills, videos surfaced across social media of Rose doing very Rose-like things on a basketball floor. Leaping with ease displaying his signature two-handed tomahawk dunk, arching his back and extending the ball majestically behind his head only to whistle the ball for the flush through the net while still peaking and elevating in his jump.

Rose’s jumping ability, his precision in his cuts and fluid movements, his body control; those abilities didn’t betray him in his ten game return with Chicago last season. The visual proof of Rose at Team USA camp today was swallowed and met with such excitable reaction because Rose’s discernible traits were on full display in-game for the first time in a long time.

Rose trains in private, but he doesn’t participate in scrimmages. So when Rose drove down the lane, embraced, then bounced off the body contact from a nearby defender for an and-one in Team USA’s first scrimmage the rise from the basketball community is an understandable one. Even parts of Chicago’s fan base had forgotten what Rose’s dynamism looked like on full-display and chose to misremember ten measly games last season.

There’s the worry that Rose is taking an unnecessary risk participating for Team USA, but Rose stands to gain far more than he can lose. All he can lose is his health, and if for a third time Rose suffers the wickedness of fate and the cruelty of injury – then life without Derrick is what the entire of city of Chicago and the Chicago Bulls organization must live with.

But for now, before we try to meander down the road of what can or what will happen, let’s just be happy Derrick Rose is back playing basketball again. We’ve become numb to news Derrick’s knees failed him, so let’s not act surprised when we see him doing what he believes he still can.


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