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Chicago Bulls Loss to Boston Celtics is Like “a Symphony in Facedesk”

February 13th, 2013 at 9:46 PM
By Avi Saini


That's the collective sound that could be heard all across the nation as Bulls fans repeatedly slammed their faces into desks as they watched this terrible, terrible game against the Boston Celtics unfold earlier tonight. The game was ugly from the beginning, and the collective feeling amongst everyone watching the game was that either team would be lucky even get to 70 points. The Celtics ultimately pulled out the game late and got the win at 71-69. In reality though, neither team deserved to win.

The Celtics should have never really been in this game with how poorly they played. After shooting a standard 41% in the first quarter, Boston only managed to get 19 points in the second and third quarter combined on 22% and 19%, respectively. Against most other teams, the Celtics would have been out of the game by the second half. Luckily for them, they chose to have this kind of poor shooting night against the woeful Chicago offense, which is statistically one of the worst in the league.

It's not that Chicago wasn't making their shots all night. They were actually decent in the first two quarters shooting a combined 44%, and Boston only shot 33%. However, the Bulls just couldn't stop the habit of coughing up the basketball. The Bulls turned it over 22 times, which led to 20 easy points for the Celtics. The majority of the turnovers came in the third quarter onwards which seemingly threw off Chicago's offensive attack. After the half, the Bulls couldn't get anything going at all and ultimately only shot 30% from the floor.

The game looked like it would continue its ugly trend for both teams until the second half of the fourth quarter occurred when the Celtics suddenly clicked on offense. While Chicago continued to clank shots off the iron and cough up the ball, the Celtics offense looked like a championship one. The Celtics shot nearly 70% from the floor and looked unstoppable. The Celtics kept getting easy points off of turnovers, moved the ball very efficiently in the half-court offense, and Kevin Garnett just couldn't miss a basket. All three of these were enough to push the Celtics back into the lead and seal the deal.

Marco Belinelli led the Bulls in scoring with 12 points on the game while Joakim Noah recorded a double-double with 10 points and 16 rebounds, the latter being a team high. Brandon Bass paced the Celtics' offensive attack with 14 points on the night while Kevin Garnett lead the Cs in rebounding with 11 on the night.

This is the fifth loss in seven games for Chicago as they go into the All-Star break. They look to bounce back against the Hornets in New Orleans on Tuesday, February 19th.

Note: Special thank you to former Bulls101 editor Caleb Nordgren for the title.

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