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Indiana Pacers 80, Chicago Bulls 76: Oh God There’s So Much Blood

December 4th, 2012 at 10:15 PM
By Caleb Nordgren

We're going to keep this short for a few reasons. First, that game was horrible and we would do well to never mention it ever again. Second, this is the last week of the semester here at MSU and I'm getting slammed with work from my various classes. So I have to keep my workload down somehow, and unfortunately this seems like my only reasonable option. I do apologize, but there you are. Things will be back to normal as of Saturday, hopefully.

Anyway, the Chicago Bulls and Indiana Pacers played a fantastically awful game, with Paul George's 34-point, 9-rebound performance the only real bright spot in a game where the winning team shot 36 percent from the field and the losers shot just 38 percent. The Bulls lost because they couldn't make shots, couldn't avoid turning the ball over and Indiana had the best player on the floor. A pretty simple, if extremely ugly game.

Yes, the Bulls got screwed when Luol Deng was pretty clearly fouled by Roy Hibbert and denied a chance to tie the game at the free throw line. But they certainly didn't deserve to win this game. Let's not kid ourselves.

On the bright side, Chicago gets to play the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit Pistons this week, so that's something.

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