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The Nashville Predators are Trying to Stop Chicago Blackhawks Fans from Coming to Games

August 16th, 2013 at 12:39 PM
By Andrew McIntyre

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The Nashville Predators are tired of seeing Chicago Blackhawks fans in their stands during home games. The whole purpose of playing games in Nashville is to have your fans cheering you on and give you a home ice advantage. Over the years, the Predators have grown accustomed to seeing Blackhawks fans in their seats, but they are looking to change that heading into next season.

The Nashville Predators host the Chicago Blackhawks on November 16, December 17, and April 12. The Predators will not be selling single-game tickets for those three home games against the Blackhawks this upcoming season. Instead, the Predators are forcing fans who want to attend that game, to buy tickets to another game (not against the Blackhawks). They are doing this in effort of limiting the number of Blackhawks fans at their games. By forcing people to buy tickets to another game, they feel that it will deter Blackhawks fans from their arena.

The Chicago Blackhawks have one of the most loyal fan bases. Their fans travel with them all over the Country and they make the Blackhawks feel at home wherever they go. The Predators are tired of feeling that way in Nashville and are hoping this plan rejuvenates their home ice advantage.

It will be interesting to see how the Blackhawks fans react when these tickets go on sale. Some fans could buy tickets to the Blackhawks game, as well as a different game, because they want to see their favorite team. Others could buy tickets in spite of the Predators doing this. This plan could work, but it could also blow up in the Predators face. It would be funny to see Blackhawks fans at a Nashville Predators vs. Minnesota Wild game. 

Whether Blackhawks fans show up to the games or not, it is an interesting tactic that could start taking place around the NHL. Home ice advantage is very important and some teams will do anything to gain that back.



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