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Jonathan Toews Speaks Out on Drug Use in the NHL

August 15th, 2013 at 9:18 AM
By Andrew McIntyre

Jonathan Toews isn't the most outspoken guy. He lets his play do the talking and is never one for the spotlight. He got the nickname "Captain Serious", because in front of the media he is very monotone and professional. Recently, Toews turned away from his quiet persona and spoke out on a serious matter in sports — about how substance abuse takes over.

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Yesterday morning on a Toronto radio show, Toews was asked about the issue of performance enhancing drugs, as it pertains to the NHL. Toews was very outspoken on the matter and expressed his view on the topic.

I think it would be naive to say that there's no one in the NHL that is trying to get the edge in that fashion. But at the end of the day, whether you get caught now or not, down the road at some point those sort of things come out as we've seen in Major League Baseball and cycling.

Toews brought up a good point regarding two of the most scrutinized sports involving PED's. Whether athletes get caught while still participating or years after they retire, the truth will come out eventually.  MLB players, cyclists and most recently Olympic sprinters, have all been caught for the use of PED's.

Toews continued to speak about the topic:

Eventually, someone is going to save their own butt and throw you under the bus. And that's your legacy. That's what people remember – that you're a cheater and you took performance enhancing drugs.

I think guys that apologize and plead that they didn't know what they were doing, I think they know exactly what they were doing. So the more tests the better. It protects the guys that are being fair and are putting good things into their body. So I have no problem with (more testing).

Toews' stance on this issue is very clear. He would welcome more testing and he believes that it would help improve the integrity of the game. It is nice to see such a well-accomplished and well-respected NHL player speak up on this topic. Though it hasn't been seen or proven, there are probably numerous players in the NHL that are using these PED's to give themselves an advantage. There's no room for that in the NHL, or any sport for that matter. With additional testing, it could eliminate that advantage and put everyone on an even playing field (or ice for that matter). 

Currently, the NHL's drug policy requires players to submit only two drug tests throughout the season: one team test and one test chosen at a random time. The league can also test up to 60 players during the offseason in regards to drug use. With all the other sports starting to crack down, it will be interesting to see the direction the NHL takes in the coming years. Let's just hope this issue gets settled quickly and no one's legacy is diminished because of it. 




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  1.  CSizzle says:

    Good for Toews speaking out against this. Sports in general need to be cleaned up, I am tired of the cheating by many. When someone has a good season now, it is hard to believe that they are not on something that is enhancing their performance. It is time to get tougher, get them all out and clean it all up.

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