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Friday Faceoff: Would You Rather Have the Ice or the Stitches?

August 9th, 2013 at 10:31 AM
By Andrew McIntyre

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The Chicago Blackhawks want you to have a piece of last season. Fans have the chance to own two rare pieces from last season – actual ice from the United Center and Andrew Shaw's stitches. Both items are a rare commodity, but will be a memorable piece to own for a lifetime. Both items will bring back memories of the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory and make you appreciate what the team did this past season. And of course, both items will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to charity. So the question is: Would you rather have the ice or the stitches?

When the season ended, the Chicago Blackhawks ice crew gathered actual melted ice from the United Center floor. The team is producing a limited number of packages with the actual melted ice. So many exciting moments happened on that ice this past season, from overtime thrillers to series winners. Owning the actual ice that the Blackhawks played on would bring back all these memories of the past season.

If you all remember, Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw took a puck to the face in Game Six of the Stanley Cup Final. Being as tough as he is, Shaw went into the locker room to get stitches and then returned to the ice. Shaw has since had the stitches removed and he is auctioning off his stitches for charity. He has framed the stitches and written his autograph inside. This item will be sold on eBay and all the proceeds will go to the Jimmy V Foundation for Cancer Research. 

It's definitely a unique item to purchase, but people have different preferences. Owning Shaw's stitches would bring back memories of his toughness and what he was willing to do for the Blackhawks in Game Six. Also, with the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup the game he got the stitches, it gives fans an opportunity to feel like they have a part of the Stanley Cup.

There will be some fans who crave a piece of history and want to own something rare. The great thing about both these items being auctioned off is that the proceeds are going to charity. Hopefully the final sale price is high and the charities can be rewarded.

So having the choice of owning a piece of last season, would you rather have the ice or the stitches?





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4 Responses to “Friday Faceoff: Would You Rather Have the Ice or the Stitches?”

  1.  JNote says:

    I would rather own the ice. To think of all the players that have skated on the ice and the memories they gave, it would be nice to have a part of that history.

  2.  BobbyHullFan says:

    I would rather have the ice. What an awesome thought, having a part of all the excitement that occurred on the ice for this historical championship season. The skates, the sticks and the puck of the Stanley Cup Winners touching a piece of ice that would be in my possession.

  3.  CSizzle says:

    As cool as it may be to have a hard worker like Shaw stitches, I would choose the ice. To have a part of that history where so many great moments have taken place that would be pretty special.

  4.  HockeyFan73 says:

    I think I would rather have the ice as well. Even though it would be hard to display it would be kind of cool to have something that so many great athletes have touched and now I would be a part of that.

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