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What Would You Do on Your Day with the Stanley Cup?

August 6th, 2013 at 4:01 PM
By Andrew McIntyre

'Chicago Pride Parade 2010' photo (c) 2010, chicagogeek - license:

As the Chicago Blackhawks continue to celebrate this offseason, the players are each getting their day with the Stanley Cup. Some players like Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp have already had their day and others are still waiting. Bringing the Stanley Cup back to your hometown is a special moment for these players and their city. 

Recently, Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw took the Stanley Cup back to Belleville, Ontario where he spent the day sharing it with everyone. Shaw went to the local police station, his childhood hockey arena, and his cottage, just to name a few places. He also took the Stanley Cup on a helicopter ride – something that he will remember for the rest of his life.

Some players like to eat items or drink beverages out of the Stanley Cup and others like to have a relaxing day with friends and family. There are so many things people want to do with the Cup in such little time. It's a moment that many players dream of forever and it holds a special place in their heart. Even as fans, we fantasize about the possibility of lifting the Stanley Cup and bringing it back to our hometown. 

So it begs the question: What would you do on your day with the Stanley Cup?




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One Response to “What Would You Do on Your Day with the Stanley Cup?”

  1.  BobbyHullFan says:

    I think I would plan a special private picnic and invite all those who encouraged and supported me. As each person came up to see the cup and get a picture taken, I would be able to thank them personally.

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