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No Lovie, No Problem. Chicago Bears Defense Keeps Rolling Under Marc Trestman

September 23rd, 2013 at 10:10 AM
By Evan Fitzgerald

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When the Chicago Bears hired offensive minded-head coach Marc Trestman in the offseason, many fans worried it meant the end of the team's suffocating and opportunistic defense.  But after three games it's clear; the reports of the demise of the Bears' defense have been greatly exaggerated.

Chicago's defense once again proved to be one of the best scoring offenses in the NFL.  24 points were directly created by turnovers, meaning Chicago's "D" created more points than the Pittsburgh Steelers in yesterday's win.  It's also more points than the following teams scored:

New England, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Diego, Tennessee, Arizona, Washington and the New York Giants.

That's right.  The Bear defense created more points than 13 teams on Sunday.  In fact, just Major Wright's pick-six and Julius Peppers' fumble recovery for the touchdown would have beaten six of them.

And with two interceptions for scores through three games, the Bears are already 25% of the way to last year's remarkable accumulation of eight.

It's an amazing feat, especially considering that the Bears' offense is finally carrying its own weight.

Jay Cutler's quietly efficient 159 yards passing including two trademarked laser throws in the fourth quarter.  The first, a 50-yard back shoulder throw to Brandon Marshall set up the second; a perfectly executed end zone strike to Earl Bennett to seal the victory.

It's one thing to impress Bears fans.  It's another to impress the players themselves.  Count Marshall as impressed.

"I’ve never seen that happen before. The guy’s arm is amazing. Jay put it in the right place," Marshall said after the game.




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