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Chicago Bears Head Coach Marc Trestman not Concerned About Soldier Field Turf Sunday

September 14th, 2013 at 12:39 PM
By Evan Fitzgerald

'soldier field tilt shift' photo (c) 2006, Michael Baird - license:

The playing surface at Soldier Field is in for a big test this weekend, playing host to two games.  That's a lot of work for a field that's generally thought to be one of the NFL's worst.

On Saturday, the University of Illinois plays host to Washington, while the Bears host the Vikings on Sunday.  In the past, that would raise some red flags considering the condition the turf has typically found itself by mid-season.  But because it's happening in just week two of the NFL season, there's a hope that conditions will be better.

Players have expressed concerns about Soldier Field conditions for years, both Chicago Bears and opponents.  But new head coach Marc Trestman doesn't sound too worried according to

"These guys have played on it a lot more than I have and certainly have been around it," Trestman said. "I don't expect that the field conditions will dramatically impact either team to where any team will have an advantage." 

In fact, Trestman is much more concern about the potential for difficult wind conditions than he is poor turf.  But he expects Jay Cutler's strong arm to help mitigate that issue.

"(In wind), it all depends whether you can use the area of the field outside of the numbers," Trestman said. "Fortunately, in terms of the passing game, it helps us because the numbers aren't an issue for Jay. He can throw the ball outside in wind and in that kind of weather, and he's used to doing it. But I think wind affects the game environment more than rain at times, or snow, or something like that." 




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