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Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan Poses with Luke Kuechly Jersey

June 3rd, 2013 at 5:53 PM
By Jesse Collin

An interesting picture of Matt Ryan surfaced on Carolina Huddle last weekend. The Atlanta Falcons quarterback is all smiles holding up a Luke Kuechly Panthers jersey, which appears to be autographed.

It's not clear when the photo was taken, but it would suffice to say that, at the very least, it's surprising to see Ryan showing off the jersey of his NFC South rival. Of course, there is an obvious connection between Ryan and Kuechly; they both played at Boston College.

Be that as it may, there is usually no love lost between the Falcons and Panthers, and last year was no exception. In fact, Ryan himself instigated a season-long quarrel after leading his team to the most improbable of comebacks against Carolina in Week 4.

(Picture courtesy of BigLeadSports)

Directly after the game, played at the Georgia Dome, the sixth-year triggerman was caught on television screaming "Get the f*ck off our field." Several Panthers took exception to Ryan's bravado, particularly defensive end Greg Hardy

After Carolina got revenge at home in Week 14, Hardy, who had trashed the Falcons in the media leading up to the game, took the opportunity to scream the same obscenities used by Ryan (see below).

Ironically, Charles Johnson, who plays opposite Greg Hardy no less, tweeted a picture of himself wearing a Falcons hat two years ago. While Johnson is native of the Peach State and a former Georgia Bulldog, the photograph still had many Panthers fans up in arms.

So, what's the protocol for wearing your rival's gear?


Not acceptable?

Acceptable under certain conditions?

What do you think?


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