The Sabres called the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, commonly known as “The Aud," home since their inception in 1940 until the 1996 season. The Aud opened in 1940, the same season as the inception of the Buffalo Bison of the AHL. The stadium was beloved by many in the area, and brought a great deal of activity to the Buffalo area, as it played host to many sports teams. The Aud was very versatile, hosting teams from a number of different sports such as the Buffalo Braves of the NBA, indoor soccer teams, lacrosse teams, and even roller hockey squads. When the Sabres moved into the NHL, the stadium was given a renovation and an expansion to accommodate more fans.

By 1996, The Aud was outdated and starting to get run down, leading the construction of Marine Midland Arena, now known as the First Niagra Center, hosting all teams that were being hosted by The Aud. The First Niagra Center has proven to be just as versatile, hosting the same indoor soccer teams, lacrosse teams, and roller hockey teams as The Aud, while also home to the Buffalo Sabres. Slight renovations in 1999 led to the current occupancy for Sabres game, holding 18,690 fans. One of the more interesting events occurred in 1996, when the arena’s first Jumbo Tron fell to the ice, luckily injuring no one.