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Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula Proving His Loyalty to the Area

August 6th, 2014 at 9:12 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

When Terry Pegula purchased the Buffalo Sabres, the feeling was that the team would finally be able to be financially competitive in the NHL.

Pegula now has his sights set on the Buffalo Bills, and fans in the Western New York area are in his corner.

Pegula stated plenty of times while he was acquiring the Sabres franchise that it was his dream to own the team. He was a season ticket holder for the Sabres for years and is an admitted fan of the game and of the team. He also has mentioned to have similar feelings about the Bills. 

Pegula is a savior in Buffalo sports. Fans feel at ease with him being seriously involved in the bidding process for the Bills, especially with Bon Jovi lurking around trying to relocate the team to Toronto. Pegula reportedly closed on a deal to sell drilling rights to American Energy for $1.75 billion, increasing his net worth. Yes, Pegula is serious about owning the Bills.

Pegula is a unique breed. His goal in owning these teams is not primarily to make money, but to win championships, which is something that the Buffalo area is starving for. He is wealthy enough to pull the operation off, and generous enough to take a hit financially to guarantee success on the field and on the ice. Should Pegula succeed in owning the Bills, he will immediately become the most loved person in Western New York, if he isn't already. He has shown his loyalty to the area every day since buying the team, and fans in the area should celebrate him, and they will. 

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