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Patrick Kane Re-Signs with Chicago Blackhawks, Ending Speculation of Homecoming with Buffalo Sabres

July 9th, 2014 at 6:41 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

As faint as it was, the fantasy of having Patrick Kane signing with the Buffalo Sabres after next season was a good one.

Kane and Jonathan Toews each signed eight-year contracts with the Chicago Blackhawks, each worth $10.5 million a season. Kane has developed into a superstar in Chicago, leading the Blackhawks to two Stanley Cup championships in just four seasons. Kane and Toews each have been critical to Chicago's success, so it makes sense for them to pay them the money to keep them in town.

Meanwhile in Buffalo, the news that Kane had re-signed with Chicago crushed the hopes that the superstar would return home to help rebuild the Sabres. Though, that fantasy was a long shot to begin with. Kane has it good in Chicago, where he will likely be contending for a Stanley Cup for most of the rest of his contract, if not the entire duration. The truth is, Buffalo, though Kane's hometown, is just not appealing to him in this stage of his career. 

Kane will continue his career in Chicago, being a contender, while the Sabres will continue to rebuild, thus ending the fantasy that plenty of fans had, but knew was far-fetched. 

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