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Buffalo Sabres; NHL Begin Talks with Pending Free Agents

June 26th, 2014 at 2:33 PM
By Mike Matisz

With free agency beginning July 1, the Buffalo Sabres and the rest of the NHL can begin to talk to pending free agents in compliance to the collective bargaining agreement.

The period in which teams can begin to court the free agents runs from June 25-30. 

While teams cannot sign players before July 1, the pending free agents will have time to talk to these franchises who wish to add their services and be able to create some buzz around themselves.

Despite not being able to finalize a deal, players will be able to discuss the parameters of a deal. 

For example, the Buffalo Sabres could approach pending free agent Paul Stastny and work a deal with the center. While he may not be able to agree to the terms, the deal could be worked out and be waiting for his signature when free agency officially opens.

Additionally, the franchise will be able to work on multiple deals at once with various players, planning on different scenarios of signings like never before. 

While there have not been any confirmed conversations with players by the Sabres, that does not mean that they have not had any talks. Most of the NHL has kept quiet so they do not show their hand before the beginning of the signing period.

One thing is for certain, the Sabres need to spend money to reach the salary cap floor. Once they do that, they may not spend as much as they are working on rebuilding 

Before the free agent period begins, the NHL will hold their draft beginning on July 27 from Philadelphia.

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