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Tim Murray not Worried About Salary Cap Floor, Looks to Re-Sign Tyler Ennis

June 20th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Buffalo Sabres general manager Tim Murray is tired of talking about the team's task of getting to the salary cap floor by the beginning of the season.

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Murray addressed the Buffalo media yesterday to discuss the draft when he fielded a few questions regarding the salary cap floor. He did not seem worried in the least bit.

"I think there are players that are playing for other teams that may want to be moved," Murray said. "I think there are players that are hitting free agency that are 27, 28 years old that feel they haven't had a proper chance where they've been. What's attractive to some players may not be attractive to other players. I think that we're attractive to a certain type of player and I don't necessarily think they all have to be bad players."

 With the Sabres finishing last in the NHL last season, it's hard to imagine players wanting to join the team. From the outside, the organization looks like a mess after trading the majority of its core away. Still, Murray says he believes there is plenty of interest from free agents, or so his gut says.

"We're not allowed to talk to players yet, but I know that I've had a lot of agents call and ask what our needs are," Murray said. "And when you get those calls, I assume that they have people in their stable, that they feel this is the right spot.I don't think they're just calling all 30 GM's and asking that question. I think that they look at your depth chart. I think that they look at your needs, they look at opportunity and they make the calls. I think that on the 25th, when you're allowed to talk about players, that those same agents will call with specific names."

While Murray may be busy preparing for the draft and targeting free agents, he is also thinking about re-signing his own talent that is left on the roster. Murray says that he hopes to keep Tyler Ennis in Buffalo, and that decision will not be made because of a need to get to the salary cap floor, but because he likes the talent Ennis brings to the team.

"Not the floor issue at all," Murray said. "I like the player. I like his approach to the game. I like his compete level. I like his speed. There's a lot of things that I like about him and if we can reach a long-term deal with him, then obviously the decision we've made is to move forward with him."

Murray touched on Patrick Kaleta's status, stating that he's healthy and will be evaluated once camp opens. He also stated that he had no information regarding Jason Spezza, and whether the Sabres are a potential landing spot of the disgruntled Ottawa star. 

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