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Marcus Foligno Striving for Consistency While Taking Leadership Role for Buffalo Sabres

May 28th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Marcus Foligno is one of the younger players that head coach Ted Nolan leaned on for leadership last season for the Buffalo Sabres.

'Marcus Foligno!' photo (c) 2012, Dave Meleca - license:

Foligno played his first, full 82-game season this year, as his first two seasons were shortened due to call-ups from Rochester and the NHL lockout. This offseason, Foligno says he needs to learn to play more consistently for his team.

“I know this summer’s a big summer for me and getting back to next year, playing a full 82-game season. You’re not always going to have perfect games but you’ve got to do something that you’re consistently good at,” Foligno told “That’s one thing that I’m learning, is to be a consistent hockey player and once I figure that out then it’s going to help my career and help this team.”

Foligno showed flashes of dominance last season, but his inconsistent play was often something that was pointed out to him. Being on a team full of young players who are trying to find their place in the NHL, Foligno was sometimes thought of as a veteran by fans, despite his lack of experience. Foligno, however, has identified the strong points of his game, and says he will focus on them when preparing for next season.

“My best games are when in the first period, where I’m around the puck, I’m hitting guys and skating,” he told “That’s something I’ve got to look forward to next year is doing that consistently.”

Consistency is something Sabres fans are longing for after such a miserable campaign last season. The team is under complete reconstruction, and will need players like Foligno, to take their game to the next level. 


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