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Ryan Miller Confirms He Has Asked Buffalo Sabres for Trade

February 26th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Before last night's game against the Carolina Hurricanes, general manager Tim Murray said that he doesn't believe that Ryan Miller's first option was to resign with the Buffalo Sabres.

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After the game, Miller confirmed this.

"I just discussed the time-frame, I'm going to be 34 this year," Miller said after the game. "Let's be realistic. There's only a handful of guys who have played effectively, longer into their 30s and I would like to be one of those guys, but there's no guarantees."

Miller's contract is up at the end of this season and Murray confirmed that both he and Miller believe a proper trade is the best solution. Still, Miller would not say he would be moved for sure.

"I'm not going to close anything off as maybe we go through, and some things change here," Miller said. "But the things that they're going to have to do are probably going to come during the trade deadline and come through the draft and during free agency. It's tough to kind of correlate, seeing what they're going to do, what they can do and what I might need to do for my career. I don't want to close anything off for right now."

Miller stole the show for the Sabres during last night's game, stopping 36 of 38 shots from Carolina en-route to a 3-2 victory for Buffalo. He says that no matter if he's going to be traded or not, he hopes to continue to play for as long as he is a member of the Sabres.

"It's not my choice, it's not something I'd want," Miller said when asked if he'd be benched in fear that he would get hurt while the Sabres shop him. "I want to just continue to play, and get into a rhythm and keep enjoying the fact that I'm playing in the NHL. It's not something where you want to shut it down and sit and watch. Every game is kind of a blessing and an opportunity to play at the highest level."

While it seems that Miller and the Sabres are ready to part ways, he did talk about his love for the fans and the Buffalo area.

"It's been my home for twelve years," Miller said. "I love this area. The fans have always been great. I have a home in this community, a lot of friends." 

It's easy to see that Miller's days in Buffalo are numbered, and a farewell will be in order for a great goaltender, who will be forced to continue his career elsewhere while the Sabres rebuild. 

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