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Tim Murray: Ryan Miller Likely Out, Ted Nolan Could Remain and Then There’s Steve Ott

February 25th, 2014 at 8:01 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Buffalo Sabres general manager Tim Murray addressed the media before tonight's game, and confirmed what many Sabres fans have feared since the end of last season.

Ryan Miller will likely be traded either before, or at the trade deadline.

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Murray said that he believes resigning in Buffalo is not Miller's first choice, and it is not what the Sabres are looking to do.

"It's realistic, but it's not the route we're looking at right now," Murray said when asked about Miller's chances to resign. "What we're looking at is to get value for him and put him in a position to succeed."

Murray would go on to say that he would prefer good, young prospects, but that draft picks are also assets as far as all trades are concerned.

"Our goal on both sides is to pursue a proper trade," Murray said.

Steve Ott is another unrestricted free agent come the end of the season, and Murray confirmed that he has gotten plenty of calls regarding his services, although he's not particularly keen on moving the gritty captain.

"Steve Ott is the type of player that I've looked for, for 21 years," Murray said. "The type of person, the type of player, the way he plays the game, the way he conducts himself, that's not the type of player that I want to trade away. That's the type of players I want to bring in. Unfortunately, he's at his age and he's an unrestricted free agent."

While the Sabres are clearly in rebuilding mode and will be shipping a good chunk of their roster elsewhere, Murray said that he has considered extending interim head coach Ted Nolan.

"We're discussing it, we have discussed it, so we're on that path," Murray said.

Nolan is coming off of an Olympic tournament where he took Latvia to an eight-place finish, which is the highest they've finished in Men's hockey. Murray's comments about retaining Nolan also match an earlier report by Sabres 101 that Nolan would be kept as the head coach, while the team was searching for its general manager.

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