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John Scott Happy to Play Any Position to Stay in the Lineup for Buffalo Sabres

December 24th, 2013 at 1:00 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

John Scott has gotten plenty of flack this season for his size and lack of offensive production.

'Buffalo Sabres vs. Tampa Bay Lightning - March 27, 2010' photo (c) 2010, Doug Kerr - license:

Last night, he played both defense and forward as the team was riddled with the flu, and shorthanded due to a Drew Stafford elbow that led to his ejection. Scott says that he doesn't care what position he plays, as long as he is on the ice.

"Whatever I play, as long as I'm on the ice, I really don't care," Scott said with a smile.

Scott has been targeted for calls this season, due to his size and reputation, that most other players in the league wouldn't be called for. He had a play in last night's game, where a Phoenix player ran into him and fell, and he was called for an interference call. Scott disagreed.

"Oh god, that should not have been a penalty, not a chance," Scott said. "I was playing defense, and he ran into me. I don't think the ref entirely saw it, and maybe he just saw him laying on the ground."

Scott made the most of his opportunity in the game, bouncing back from the penalty to play a pretty effective defensive game, and even earned some power play time due to the short bench. Scott doesn't feel like he needs to change his game, but knows he needs to be smart while on the ice.

"No, I don't think so," Scott said about changing his game. " If anything, I got to get a little more comfortable with the puck down low. And it depends if I'm on D or forward. If I'm on D, I can hit a little more. If I'm on forward, I got to be a little more careful. When you go into the hits, and you're skating forward, I think that's where you need to be a little more responsible."

While Scott has taken heat from the so-called experts around the league, he is well-respected in the Sabres' locker room. Ted Nolan called him an intelligent player, citing his ability to play both defense and forward in the same game.

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