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Buffalo Sabres Vs. Calgary Flames: a Disappoint Loss

December 15th, 2013 at 6:55 PM
By Paul Lane Sabres 101

'Buffalo Sabres vs. New York Islanders - January 23, 2011' photo (c) 2011, Doug Kerr - license:}

Note: This story was written by Sabres101′s Lea Natalello.

Yesterday’s game against the Calgary Flames was a devastating defeat for the Buffalo Sabres.

The two evenly matched teams played against each other for the first time this year. Calgary, like the Sabres, have not been executing many wins and recently altered their coaching staff. Calgary has played two games since Brian Burke took on his role as head coach, both games resulting in wins.

The game was primarily uneventful, with a score of 0-0 leading into the third period. Mid-way into the period Sabres left-wing, Matt Moulson, scored the first goal of the game. The team and fans lit up the First Niagara Center with chanting and and excitement. However, the “winning” feeling did not last long. Calgary quickly followed up with a goal of their own.

This type of disappointment is not an unusual feeling this season for Sabres fans. The game continued into overtime when Calgary scored early on to end the game 2-1.

After the game, the Sabres’ locker room was tense.

“We created enough chances to win this game,” stated a frustrated Henrik Tallinder.

The Buffalo Sabres had 27 shots overall, four of which hit the goal post and one of which was a goal.

“I think it’s a confidence thing why we can’t put it in the net,” he continued.

This game was a long one to tune in to. The teams kept spectators waiting until the third period for any action. It was one burst of excitement that got Sabres fans to their feet and it quickly ended.

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