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Tyler Myers Vows to Be Better for Buffalo Sabres This Season

August 23rd, 2013 at 7:04 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

To all the fans who griped about how inadequate Tyler Myers was last season: He heard you, and he agrees.

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The towering defenseman knows his performance last season was off and has been working diligently this offseason to fix that problem. One of the things he is doing, is an extreme focus on mental training.

“Going into seasons in the past, I’ve never trained my mind like this so it’s a different approach and I’ve actually really enjoyed it,” Myers told “I’ve really tried to embrace the work behind it – to just be prepared for any type of situation that comes up.”

Myers had just five points in 39 games last season, missing the last seven games of the season with a broken bone in his leg. He's very aware that fans grow tired of talk, and knows he needs to show improved results this season to get back to his Calder Trophy-winning form.

“For any guy, you can talk about everything you’re doing in the offseason, all the work that you’re putting in, but when it really gets down to it, it doesn’t matter unless you back it up come October,” Myers told “So it’s finding that balance and for me, I think it’s tough for any guy to do on his own. You need help. I’ve just tried to take in as much as I can without overdoing it and trying to work as smart as I can.”

After a season in which he returned to the team appearing out of shape and disassociated with hockey, Myers appears to understand his mistakes from last season, and is doing what he can to correct them. 

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