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Buffalo Sabres Have Largest Ticket Price Hike This Season; Game Experience Among NHL’s Cheapest

February 18th, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Paul Lane Sabres 101
The Buffalo Sabres instituted the highest ticket price increase post-lockout yet still have one of the lowest average prices in the NHL.
Team marketing Research recently released an analysis of the fan cost across the league. Buffalo's average ticket price of 446.15 is 26.7 percent higher than a year ago. It's still well below the league average, though, of $61.01 and is the seventh-lowest price in the league. Buffalo's average premium ticket price of $84.83 is the lowest in the NHL.
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Buffalo's average price is also one of the lowest among traditional hockey markets. The teams with lower prices either are either in southern markets (Phoenix, Tampa Bay) or newer markets (Colorado) except for one club, Ottawa ($42.09).
Buffalo's total fan consumer index of $286.62 is up 24.1 percent from a year ago but is still eighth-lowest in the league. This number compiles the cost of four tickets, two beers, four soft drinks and hotdogs, parking, two programs and two hats. The league average is $354.82.
Buffalo's cost is below the league average for beer ($7), soft drinks ($4), hot dogs ($4.25), parking ($15), programs ($2) and hats ($20).
The Toronto Maple Leafs have the most expensive average ticket price ($124.69) and FCI ($631.15). The top four are all Canadian markets, with Winnipeg, Vancouver and Montreal rounding out the top four. Only Anaheim and Ottawa reduced their ticket prices this season.
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