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NHL, NHLPA to Continue Talks, Hope to Reach New CBA Before Deadline

January 4th, 2013 at 9:04 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Stop us if you've heard this one already; the NHL and NHLPA made some progress toward a new CBA this week, only to have talks slow down yesterday.

The bright spot is that the two sides are scheduled to meet today with a tentative time of 10 am, reports. The two sides met yesterday to discuss pensions, a topic that had been reported to be the main stumbling block at the moment. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman has said that the league has no interest in playing a season less than 48 games and to accomplish that, the new CBA will need to be in place by Jan. 11 and games would have to start by Jan. 19. That gives both sides a week to trench through the remaining issues.

The union is also planning a second vote for the players to give the association the power to decertify. The union allowed their self-imposed deadline pass when they didn't decertify before midnight on Thursday. 


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