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NHL Cancels Games Through Jan. 14 as Lockout Lingers

December 21st, 2012 at 2:00 PM
By Paul Lane Sabres 101

More than half the 2012-13 NHL season – which is now only the 2013 season if play commences – has been canceled.

The league has canceled games through Jan. 14. That means 50.8 percent of the season is now lost due to the lack of a CBA, which has not been in place since mid-September, when the league first locked players out.

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The general consensus is that, in order to play at least a half-schedule extended into late June, play would have to begin by about Jan. 14, meaning the next cancelation will likely be the one scrapping the entire season.

The two sides haven't negotiated in person since last week. A vote wraps up today among players asking for authorization by the NHLPA executive board to file a disclaimer of interest. This would dissolve the union and allow the players to sue the NHL for antitrust violations and have the lockout deemed illegal. The board would have until Jan. 2 to make such a declaration if players approve.

Both sides have said all week negotiations will resume only when the other side indicates there's a reason to do so – as if saving a season isn't reason enough. Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly did said earlier this week, though, he believes there will be a season.

No talks have yet been scheduled.

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