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NHL Owners, Players to Talk CBA on Tuesday

December 3rd, 2012 at 7:15 PM
By Paul Lane Sabres 101

Six of the NHL's owners will meet with a small group of players Tuesday in an attempt to move CBA talks forward.

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Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly confirmed the meeting in a statement:

"We have confirmed with the Union that we will attempt to schedule a players/owners-only meeting for some time on Tuesday afternoon in New York. No further details have been confirmed at this point."

The owners taking part are Ron Burkle of Pittsburgh, Mark Chipman of Winnipeg, Murray Edwards, Buffalo resident Jeremy Jacobs of Boston, Larry Tanenbaum of Toronto and Jeff Vinik of Tampa Bay. The players taking part are not yet known.

The talks are the first since two days of federally mediated negotiation last week went nowhere. The lockout began Sept. 16 and has forced the cancelation of all games through Dec. 14.

The players, meanwhile, are set to receive $10,000 stipends from the NHLPA to help ease their financial issues. Players have missed four paychecks so far due to the lockout.

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