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NHL CBA Discussions Appear to Be Heating up, NHLPA Submits Two Proposals

November 9th, 2012 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The NHL and its player's association have been hard at work trying to hammer down a new CBA to salvage an already shortened season.


While the outlook on the possibility of a new CBA has been grim, the two sides are meeting for the fourth-straight time today, and will possibly discuss the two proposals that the NHLPA has submitted, USA Today reports.

Rumors have been swirling among the league that the Hockey Related Revenue has been agreed upon, a 51/49 percent split, with the owners getting the majority. This, along with the league agreeing to a full provision, which would honor all contracts signed before the lockout, is a significantly positive sign. Although both reports have yet to be confirmed by multiple sources. The rumors also claim that the league would participate in a 60-game season, with all inter-conference play being omitted, to cut down on travel. 

While the player's association reportedly submitted two proposals, the feeling around the league appears that a deal won't be announced until late next week. Of course, that could change in either direction given the details of each proposal. 

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