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Despite Slow Start, Buffalo Sabres Trade Rumors Spread

January 29th, 2015 at 1:00 PM
By Mike Matisz

Buffalo Sabres General Manager Tim Murray has stated that his phone hasn't been ringing as much as he'd like as the NHL season heads toward the trade deadline, but that hasn't stopped analysts from picking names for potential trades.

The latest rumor comes from Ken Weibe of the Winnipeg Sun who thinks that the Winnipeg Jets could be looking to bolster their bottom six forwards as they push for the playoffs.

While the Jets are in a good spot now, their GM Kevin Cheveldayoff may be looking to make a small move to tighten things up a little bit more.

Weibe believes that the Jets could go after the following players:

  • Matt Calvert, Columbus Blue Jackets
  • Matt Hendricks, Edmonton Oilers
  • Mike Santorelli, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Daniel WInnik, Toronto Maple Leafs
  • Torrey Mitchell, Buffalo Sabres

Now, it may be true that the phones aren't ringing off the hook if the papers are already talking about a team's third line, but each team has their own needs.

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Nikita Zadorov Learns Lesson, but Still Won’t Play for Buffalo Sabres Tonight

January 29th, 2015 at 11:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Sabres suspended Nikita Zadorov for missing practice on Monday following the all-star break, and while fans were nervous as to where he was, it appears the kid made a simple mistake, and has learned from it.

Zadorov wasn't boycotting practice or planning to stay in Russia to play in the KHL. He merely had an issue with his flight back, which caused him to miss practice. Whatever the case, Zadorov had to be taught a lesson, and he says he is learning from the unfortunate experience.

“I know it’s kind of my fault because I shouldn’t do that. I should make the trip a day early and then you have a safe day, an extra day,” a contrite Zadorov told “It’s kind of my mistake because I just shouldn’t do that. Next time I’m going to be safer and I’m going to do better.”

Zadorov is showing maturity in owning up to his mistake, instead of blaming the airline for over-booking his flight back to Buffalo. Ted Nolan has told the media that he understands the mistake, and that he's a 19-year-old kid in the NHL that makes mistakes. But with all kids, mistakes need to be accounted for, so they don't happen again.

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Tonight’s Game is Big for Fans Hoping for Buffalo Sabres to Tank

January 29th, 2015 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

The Buffalo Sabres are suffering through a 12-game losing streak, but fans hoping for a tank this season, will be watching tonight's game against the Edmonton Oilers with an unfamiliar rooting interest.

The Sabres are just behind the Oilers in the standings, and both teams figure to be in the running for the last-place finish, and chance to draft Connor McDavid. Edmonton has two points in hand on the Sabres, so a regulation loss for Buffalo would put them four points behind, and would give Edmonton the season-sweep over Buffalo.

Of course, it's strange to talk about the chances of losing to help the future. The tanking idea has been embraced by fans, but has been criticized by some media and every player and coach in the NHL. Tim Murray hasn't acknowledged that the team is intentionally tanking, and the Sabres front office maintains the team is trying to win. The Sabres are just not a very good team.

Buffalo has a few bright spots, loads of young talent, and a few lazy, disgruntled veterans looking forward to another opportunity. Rumors have Chris Stewart, Cody Hodgson and Drew Stafford in that conversation, and disgruntled players don't necessarily result in the best effort.

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Buffalo Sabres a Statistical Near-Certainty to Finish Last in NHL

January 28th, 2015 at 5:00 PM
By Paul Lane Sabres 101

The Buffalo Sabres have long had the unstated goal of finishing last in the NHL this year to maximize their chances of drafting Connor McDavid. The odds appear to be overwhelmingly in their favor.

Sports Club Stats gives the Sabres an 81 percent chance of finishing 30th this year. The site determines its odds by running millions of season simulations, weighting the odds based on opponent record and home-ice advantage. The site's simulation algorithm has never had the Sabres finishing higher than 28th. It gives Buffalo a 16 percent chance of finishing 29th and a 3 percent chance of finishing 28th.

The nearest team to Buffalo in the standings, the Edmonton Oilers, is given a 14 percent chance of finishing last. The Oilers and Sabres play Thursday in a game that could go a long way toward determining the last-place finisher. The only other team that has a shot per this site is the Arizona Coyotes, who have a 4 percent chance.

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Early Mock Drafts Make Buffalo Sabres Fans Very, Very Happy

January 28th, 2015 at 11:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

With the first pick of the 2015 NHL draft, the Buffalo Sabres select Connor McDavid out of the OHL.

Well, not really, but with half of the NHL season in the books, and the Sabres at the bottom of the standings,'s Adam Kimelman's early 2015 mock draft has the Sabres selecting No. 1 overall, and choosing McDavid with that pick.

Naturally, it's too early to accurately predict what will happen in the draft, but Sabres fans certainly enjoy their team's logo next to McDavid's name. Kimelman also has the Edmonton Oilers selecting No. 2 overall, taking Jack Eichel. Of course, the Sabres have two more first-round picks, which Kimelman has sitting at No. 25 and No. 27 overall. He is predicting Buffalo selects Travis Konecny and Jens Looke respectively with those picks.

But what if Tim Murray is the genius fans are dreaming about? What if the Sabres get the No. 1 pick in the draft, and package their remaining two first rounders, and a couple of players for the No. 2 pick to take Eichel?

NOTE: There are no reports suggesting Murray is contemplating this, and it is purely hypothetical. Please refrain from drooling on the keyboard.

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