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Sammy Watkins’ Injury is Doug Marrone’s Biggest Mistake for Buffalo Bills

August 29th, 2014 at 10:09 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Doug Marrone has given the Buffalo Bills a sense of life, even after coming off of another 6-10 season, but his decision to start Sammy Watkins in the final meaningless preseason game blew up in his face.

Watkins re-injured his ribs last night after taking a big hit against the Detroit Lions and did not return to the game. The injury he sustained two weeks ago in Pittsburgh will likely be a cause for concern all season, but this case could have, and should have been avoided.

Watkins was obviously not 100 percent coming into the game, and he certainly could have used the extra week to recover. The Bills had little to gain by playing Watkins, and had plenty to lose, which they did. There is currently no update on Watkins' condition or how badly the injury is, but it's enough for Bills fans to worry. EJ Manuel has looked less than impressive and Watkins was drafted specifically to help Manuel and the offense reach a new level. With a rib injury that will likely linger all season, Watkins' impact could be limited, and Marrone will have to be held accountable for that.

The Bills open the regular season in nine days when they travel to Chicago to play the Bears. That gives Marrone and his crew slightly more than a week to decide how to use Watkins, if they even will be able to at all.

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