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EJ Manuel Criticizes Himself on Preseason Play for Buffalo Bills

August 27th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Anthony Custode Jr

EJ Manuel is under immense pressure coming into this season and is falling out of favor quickly after struggling through four preseason games.

Manuel himself admits that he has had a tough preseason and has addressed his struggling areas.

"I feel like I pressed after we had those first two series, trying to make plays," Manuel said, referring to Sunday's game against Tampa Bay. "You can't do that. As a quarterback, you truly have to let that fall off your shoulder and just keep playing. When I did go back and watch the film, statistically I had a pretty good game, but nonetheless, the way it went, the drives early in the first half and right before halftime were very rough. The biggest thing I took from it is that you can't let three series, however many series, that aren't going well or going your way, effect your game. You can't try to make plays that aren't there. You still have to go and play the game. You can't force anything."

Manuel has been positive all preseason, but fans are growing tired of his optimism with little results to back it up. Manuel typically has not admitted to struggling throughout the preseason, but there was really no way to put a positive spin on the first half of Sunday's game. Still, Manuel found some bright spots and says that he can't over-think the game.

"That's the main thing. You've just got to let it happen," Manuel said. "Not necessarily the less you think the better things will be, but it's kind of a balance that you have to find. I think it was one of those situations that I try to look at the positive out of it. I think it was a great learning situation for me to go through something like that and come out in the second half and talk to the team and say, 'Hey, look guys, this is about respect.' Even myself, I told myself, 'I want to leave this field with my head high and my chest out.' Even though we didn't get a chance to win the game, but to still come off the field respectfully. I knew I wasn't going to play the whole second half, so I was very happy how we finished before I came out. You have to limit all those errors."

The Bills will play the Lions tomorrow night to close out the preseason and Manuel doesn't expect to have a huge workload, although Doug Marrone has expressed his desires to get the first team some work in the game. Manuel is more concerned about week one, when Buffalo travels to Chicago.

"I'm not sure. Being that it's the last preseason game, I wouldn't expect to play a lot. I really want to start focusing on Chicago, being that that's our first regular season game," Manuel said. "That's the game we really need to come out where we don't need to have any hiccups or anything like that."

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2 Responses to “EJ Manuel Criticizes Himself on Preseason Play for Buffalo Bills”

  1.  Wayne Lester says:

    Is it just me or have you noticed thst EJ talks about his downfalls that he slways does it in the 2nd person like he’s talking about you instead of himself?

    The only way we can get our Bills team back on track to the playoffs and away from the 4-12 season we are on pace for this season is to make the voice of the Bills fan heard where it will be heard the loudest… in the pockets of the greedy NFL. If YOU keep paying to watch a Bills team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 15 years… then thats all YOU will ever see… while the NFL laughs all the way to the bank… with YOUR money.

    “You take the blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe (like EJ will take us to the playoffs). You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole (playoff drought) goes.”

    A Bills Fan Since 1978.


    THE Doug Marone/ Nathaniel Hackett/ EJ Manuel Experiment is over and the current Bills management has failed us. We, the Buffalo Bills fans are offically protesting by refusing to pay the NFL to see an inferior football team, which has given our good city of Buffalo and the surrounding subburbs a bad reputation throughout the USA.

    A Bills Fan.

    To join this protest, like this comment… and don’t forget to spread the word.

  2.  Wayne Lester says:

    What i meant to say was… is it me or have you noticed that when EJ talks about his downfalls he always does it in the 2nd person like he’s talking about you instead of himself?

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