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Buffalo Bills Swap Quarterbacks; Release Thad Lewis, Sign Jordan Palmer

August 26th, 2014 at 8:25 PM
By Mike Matisz

The Buffalo Bills have decided to go in a new direction at back-up quarterback.

Just one day after cutting 11 players to make the new 75-man requirement, the Buffalo Bills have release quarterback Thad Lewis. Lewis, who started five games for the Bills last season, went 2-3 for the Bills. Both wins for Lewis came against the Miami Dolphins.

In his career, which spans five starts for the Bills and one for the Cleveland Browns, Lewis is 115-189 for 1296 yards, five touchdowns and four interceptions.

In another transaction, the Bills have signed recently released Bears backup Jordan Palmer. Palmer, who also spent time with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals, has considerably less game time experience than Lewis, but has spent time as a backup for multiple systems.

According to current starting quarterback EJ Manuel, Palmer and him have been working together for three years.

In his career, Palmer is 10-15 for 59 yards and two interceptions, which is considerably less time behind center than the man he's replacing.

While it is uncertain if Palmer will stick with the roster, it seems likely since the Bills are now down to three quarterbacks.

The Bills will have to trim their roster from 75 to 53 over the weekend.

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One Response to “Buffalo Bills Swap Quarterbacks; Release Thad Lewis, Sign Jordan Palmer”

  1.  Wayne Lester says:

    This means nothing to improving the team… it’s just another ploy to devert attention from the fact that we have no starting qb and no hope of making the playoffs.

    The only way we can get our Bills team back on track to the playoffs is to make the voice of the Bills fan heard where it will be heard the loudest… in the pockets of the greedy NFL. If YOU keep paying to watch a Bills team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 15 years… then thats all YOU will ever see… while the NFL laughs all the way to the bank… with YOUR money.


    THE Doug Marone/ Nathaniel Hackett/ EJ Manuel Experiment isĀ over and the current Bills management has failed us. We, the Buffalo Bills fans are offically protesting by refusing to pay the NFL to see an inferior football team, which has given our good city of Buffalo and the surrounding subburbs a bad reputation throughout the USA.

    A Bills Fan.

    To join this protest, like this comment… and don’t forget to spread the word.

    A Bills Fan Since 1978.

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