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Primary Bids for Sale of Buffalo Bills Indicate Terry Pegula Has Major Advantage

July 31st, 2014 at 8:51 PM
By Anthony Custode Jr

Jon Bon Jovi's dream of ripping the Buffalo Bills away from its fans and placing it in Toronto may be living on a prayer, literally.

Yesterday marked the deadline for primary bids for those seriously interested in owning the franchise, and current Buffalo Sabres owner put Bon Jovi's group of deceitful beings to shame. At least that's what the initial reports are.

Pegula reportedly put a bid in for the Bills somewhere near the $1.3 billion mark, where Bon Jovi's group came in at $1.2 billion, which may be their maximum bid. Pegula still has the assets to bolster his bid if need be, but the early indications are that the Toronto group has nothing left. That, when combined with reports that Bon Jovi and his group have been to several Canadian locations with stadium intents, could put a damper on their plans to relocate the Bills to Canada's landfill, and here's why.

Late Ralph Wilson Jr. was very clear that he wanted the team to stay in Buffalo, and had made obvious arrangements to make it very difficult to relocate the team. His wishes are obviously very important to Wilson's surviving family, who will ultimately have the final say as to who the team will go to. Pegula is already a Buffalo icon for his work with the Buffalo Sabres. Not only has he guaranteed the team will stay in Buffalo, he has vowed to keep it competitive. All signs point to Pegula if the team is going to stay in Buffalo, and the Wilson family is very aware of that.

Money is always a factor in this type of situation. An NFL organization is a business, after all. Though, if the reports that Bon Jovi's group is already tapped out after its initial bid, the team is as good as Pegula's, and that should make every Bills fan ecstatic. Even if the Toronto group can muster up a few extra billion dollars, it may not even matter. The Wilson family isn't exactly strapped for cash, and they would likely sacrifice a billion or two to honor Wilson's wish to keep the team in Buffalo, though it doesn't seem likely that it will come to that.

Yesterday should be considered a battle won for Bills fans as Pegula has proved he is serious about owning the team, while the rats of the north look to be struggling to keep up with him. 

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